Our clients often have special requirements, therefore each of our standard houses becomes a unique dwelling. At times, families want to build a detached manor house as an individual project. For many years, our company has undertaken such Neoclassical commissions. We would draw your attention to some of our completed classical projects in the Moscow Region. The telephone contact number for all questions regarding construction is: + ‎7 (926) 454-45-45

The difference between individual and standard projects

Standard Individual
Compact Georgian-style cottage with an area of 130-320 sq. m Large manors with an area from 600 sq. m, in any classical style
Located on a site with an area from 4 to 20 hectares Requires a larger territory
A project may be selected from the existing 10, with alterations to the interior plan and choice of interior furnishing out of the two on offer Developed from scratch with allowance for all the client’s requirements

Our handling of individual projects

  1. Detailed discussion of all your requirements.
  2. Our architects draw up plans of the basic building and all additional structures and full documentation thereto. Important: prior to final acceptance and confirmation of the project, you may make gratis alterations to the interior planning of buildings and consult with the architect.
  3. Presentation of the completed project.
  4. Discussion and coordination of possible alterations.
  5. Completion of construction and installation works – from laying of the foundation to the final decoration of the building. At each stage we show you the progress of construction and discuss all working questions.
  6. Commissioning of the completed object.

Construction principles of our objects

Monolithic pile foundations
Reliable well piles based on deep, sound soils, ideal for Moscow Region conditions. At the top they are joined by a strong monolithic grillage. The result is a rigid system – a sound base for the entire building.

Brick walls
Nothing more solid, dependable and technologically sound has yet been devised. Therefore, as a matter of principle we do not use the cheaper fashionable porotherm block walling or any other “analogous” bricks, currently employed by most builders in the Moscow Region. We construct two layers of bricks with intermediate insulation, forming 52-centimetre thick walls in all our cottages.

By such means our client receives a high-quality dwelling that will house several generations – a true family nest. A place that is warm, peaceful and beautiful, a place to which one loves to return, and is a profitable investment in the most promising area of the Moscow Region.